Nutrition + Education Solutions


Nutrition + Education Solutions

Umoja Food For Health medically-tailored grocery programs are fully customizable and designed to meet specific dietary needs, spend and cadence to achieve positive outcomes for a wide range of partners.

At Food For Health, we believe that nutrition paired with education and lifestyle modification solutions are the most empowering and effective approach to food as medicine. Our Food for Health programs are designed for at-home delivery of nutritious, tailored meals, groceries and produce to support the prevention or management of chronic conditions, improve overall health and address social determinants of health. Our client-customized packages can include simple recipes, educational materials and dietary information, or our more interactive nutrition, education, and healthy habit-building tools.

Benefits of Medically Tailored Nutrition Intervention Programs

Program Type

  • Medically Tailored Meals
  • Medically Tailored Groceries
  • Produce Prescriptions
  • NEEP

Food Needs

  • Dietary Needs & Restrictions
  • Food Allergens
  • Cultural Considerations


  •  Interactive Education Tools
  • Printed Education & Nutrition Materials
  • Member Touchpoints


  • Standard Reporting
  • Engagement Reporting
  • Surveys & Methodology
  • Custom Analytics

Food For Health Interventions


Medically Tailored Meals (MTM)

Fully prepared, ready-to-eat frozen or shelf stable meals tailored to the nutrition needs of the individual


Individuals with complex medical conditions, mobility issues, and similar complications who are unable to shop and/or prepare meals.


Medically Tailored Groceries (MTG)

Non-prepared pantry-style (shelf-stable) or Fresh + Pantry menus with products selected as part of a specific nutrition or treatment plan


Individuals who have or are at risk for chronic conditions and/or social determinants of health who are able to cook and prepare food at home, and can benefit from guided food selections


Produce Prescriptions

Supply of a variety of fresh produce and fruits to increase intake of these nutrient-rich foods as part of a specific nutrition or treatment plan


Individuals who have or are at risk for diet-related chronic conditions (such as diabetes/prediabetes, obesity), or are nutrition insecure, and will benefit from increased intake of fresh fruits and vegetables


Food For Health’s Nutrition & Education Empowerment Programs (NEEP)

Multi-phase programs using a stepped approach to nutrition and education with a combination of MTM and MTG food solutions to establish healthier habits and support longer-term change


Individuals with chronic conditions or specific health diagnoses who benefit from guided support in an effort to better understand their condition, optimal nutrition and how to drive behavioral changes for long-term health

Condition Specific Programs


Menus supporting the management of diabetes through low or no sodium foods, and balanced nutrition to maintain blood sugar levels. Menus designed for pre-diabetes or diabetes prevention are available.

Heart Health

Designed to provide delicious foods with low or no sodium, lower added sugars, and whole grains to support patients with hypertension and chronic heart disease.

Weight Management

Balanced wholesome menus tailored to help with portion control and ensure sustained energy and satisfaction throughout the day.

Maternal Health

Designed to provide for the unique nutrition needs of women from prenatal through post-partum to ensure optimal health through pregnancy and beyond. High-risk pregnancy programs available.


Balanced combination of foods to ensure daily nutrition intake. Available for children, individuals, and families.


Carefully designed to meet the specific needs of patients at various stages of kidney disease, with select foods that reduce the strain on kidney functions.

Oncology/Cancer Care

Menus designed to provide essential nutrients and maintain a healthy weight to preserve strength during and after treatment.

Custom Programs

Start with any of the Food For Health condition-specific programs or work with our team to develop a custom solution to meet the needs of your target population.

Food For Health Nutrition & Education Empowerment Programs

At Food For Health, we recognize the importance and impact of medically tailored food programs. But we believe they are part of a broader solution to population health. Our Nutrition & Education Empowerment Programs (NEEP) are designed to guide and foster long-term habits for better health. Our stair-step approach starts with prepared meals paired with educational materials to drive better understanding of an individual’s health condition and how to make measured changes to lead a healthier lifestyle. Program participants then transition to medically supportive groceries coupled with nutritional education tools, recipes, to start learning how to apply their skills to preparing healthier meals. At the end of their program, they can apply the knowledge and better habits as they transition to shopping and meal planning on their own.

Our multiphase programs are a guided experience toward better health, better nutrition and greater empowerment. The journey - the educational and empowerment journey through food and nutrition - is what will help drive adherence, support more lasting lifestyle changes, and reduce the impact of or help to better manage their chronic condition(s).

Sample Member Experience

Diabetes Box Menu

Diabetes Tailored Recipes

Virtual Diabetes Educational Program